14 qualities leaders look for in new hires

Aug 7, 2023

Leaders and hiring managers know that every job candidate must be considered based on their blend of skills, experience and personal traits, because every team member puts their personal stamp on their role and brings a unique benefit and perspective to a business. Still, there are certain qualities that all top employees tend to possess and demonstrate in their work, so experienced leaders look for them as they consider potential new team members.

While strong hard skills are certainly important, it’s often one or more of the soft skills that an applicant brings to the table that can tip the balance in their favor. Here are insights from Mark D’Agostino.

13. Excellent communication skills

In every new hire, I look for someone who is a stellar communicator — the better the communicator, the better their performance. This is true not just in my industry, but across all professional services. Soft skills, like communication, consistently yield solid results.

Mark D’Agostino, ConnectedHR


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