Why Smart Hiring is Important

One or two negative personalities or ineffective workers can drag down an entire operation and send your top people fleeing for the exits. But many managers keep problem employees on the payroll for years, often because they simply do not like to fire people or they don’t want to put a person out of work. That’s human nature. But, putting off painful decisions and conversations tends to make matters worse. That’s why it’s essential to have an organized hiring process in place to ensure that you select the right candidates from the beginning.

  1. The heart of many successful companies is an incredibly strong emphasis on the hiring process and avoiding a casual approach to such decision-making.
  2. Hiring is not always about the right experience, but about finding people with the right mindset and willingness to contribute.
  3. To be a great company, you must hire great people, and this can only be accomplished with a systematized and organized approach.
  4. Designing a rigorous selection and hiring process is as necessary as implementing any other organizational strategic process.
  5. The single best predictor of future behavior is past behavior; therefore, focus on facts and achievements, not theoretical questions.
  6. Managers should have clearly defined what it will take to be successful in a particular position and should always include others in the hiring process.
  7. Companies that hire smart usually start their recruiting efforts close to home – with their own employee referrals and with people they know and respect.
  8. Hiring the right employees will make an immeasurable impact on your organization from driving performance to customer satisfaction and employee engagement