About ConnectedHR

ConnectedHR is a professional services company that takes a unique approach to Human Resources.

Our matchless approach centers around delivering world-class expertise in human resources scaled to promote the success and growth of small to medium-sized companies who want to become an “Employer of Choice.” We fill the void for these growing businesses by delivering high-caliber, right-sized human resources support and strategy that is cost-effective.

Our elite team of smart, entrepreneurial HR consultants work on-site and are immersed in our clients’ culture. An unrelenting commitment to industry best practices and a shared knowledge base built upon deep collective experiences is what makes our services exceptional.

Rather than following the consultancy or agency model common in the world of HR services, ConnectedHR focuses on an “HR-in-a-Box” approach that delegates the HR operation to a trusted and experienced partner, at a known cost. Our employees are on-site but off your payroll and benefits programs. Our elite HR team is comprised of experienced and dedicated Human Resource professionals, trained to make your business their business.


ConnectedHR’s Foundation

Company founder, Mark D’Agostino, conceived of ConnectedHR based on his personal experience as an entrepreneur. Here Mark shares his story. 

After several consecutive successful years of growth, my distribution company acquired another company and essentially doubled our revenues and employee headcount. The company we acquired was located over an hour away from our location and had been in business for 60 years, so we had logistical and cultural challenges to meet. We invested in systems, financial people, processes, software, hardware, inventory, vendor deals, additional salespeople. But one thing we didn’t invest in was human resources. My CFO and I decided to handle all the “people-related things” on our own.

As a servant leader, I felt I was fair and balanced with our employees, paid above market wages and celebrated wins and coached and encouraged employees. I worked hard to build a culture of trust and respect within our organization. But when we acquired that company and as we grew the “people things” became overwhelming. It was stressful and painful.

HR was dispersed among staff members and lacked an overall strategy. The CFO and I were traveling between two locations weekly and spread too thin. But it never occurred to me to outsource HR functions.

We muddled through Workers’ Compensation claims, employee reviews, hiring and firing, job descriptions, employee engagement. Who knows if we were even compliant? I’m sure we were at risk and that there were gaps.

I took these burdens home with me each night. How could we become a standout in our industry if we couldn’t hire and retain the best talent? How could we bring on the best employees if we couldn’t even properly manage the ones we had? How could we be an Employer of Choice?

From that personal experience, the idea of ConnectedHR was born.

I saw the need for a first-class HR company that could step in and solve all those problems and handles the key HR functions that were either beyond a company’s capacities or simply not a good use of its limited resources. I knew we could build a team that could shoulder the burdens and necessities of HR and allows our client organizations to stay focused on productive work. We could free them up to stop worrying and reacting to HR challenges.

So we founded ConnectedHR, a company dedicated to doing one thing exceptionally well: Human Resources.

ConnectedHR has developed and honed a catalog of best practices and gathered wide-ranging HR resources under one roof. Most importantly, we’ve selected a team of smart, entrepreneurial HR professionals who provide on-site services as if they were direct employees of the companies they serve.

Today, ConnectedHR offers high-quality HR support and strategy that I needed when I was struggling to handle a steep growth curve. We love to help companies like yours respond rapidly to change and stay focused on their core business.

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