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Certified PI PartnerAt ConnnectedHR, we utilize the Predictive Index software platform of tools to help our clients optimize recruitment, retention, performance, and strategy. Available assessments include:

    • Behavioral Assessment – The methodology behind the PI Behavioral Assessment has been validated through 350+ studies. The assessment is formulated to reveal four key factors that determine workplace behavior: dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality. It results in a Reference Profile—a snapshot of the way a candidate thinks and works.
    • Cognitive Assessment – Every job has different cognitive requirements. The measure of cognitive ability correlating to job requirements helps to boost on-the-job success. The PI Cognitive Assessment asks 50 multiple-choice questions to assess how fast someone learns, figures things out, and can think through complexity.
    • Job Assessment – When you’re looking to fill a position, the PI Job Assessment can help you pinpoint the traits necessary for success in that job. The assessment process will help you to determine the needs of The Predictive Indexthe job so you can arm yourself with the right interview questions and better see how candidates fit. This is a great tool for better hires and job retention.
    • Strategy Assessment – Is your senior leadership team totally aligned with your business strategy? Find out with the PI Strategy Assessment. Senior leaders choose statements from amongst four strategy types and rate their confidence in those priorities. This tool can help you to reveal business strategy misalignment that impacts your talent strategy.
    • Employee Experience Survey – What drives engagement and disengagement across your company as well as on your teams? The 50-question PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement data across four categories: job fit, manager fit, team fit, and culture fit. Get candid, confidential feedback on the four key factors that determine employee engagement levels.

If you would like to learn more about any of the assessment tools listed above, please contact us.

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