Be an Employer of Choice


ConnectedHR will help you attract and retain the top talent you need to grow and prosper.


The best people in any field have choices. Why? Because everybody wants them and so do you. So how can you ensure that your organization is the place that attracts the star players in every role and keeps them? Your company must strive to become an Employer of Choice.

ConnectedHR has established best practices and procedures to build a productive, safe and engaging environment for your employees. We can help you reduce inter-employee friction, clarify and codify company expectations and resolve nascent issues before they have a chance to fester and interfere with business. We can help you become and sustain a workplace in which the superstars want to work and stay.

With exploding social media chatter and job sites that rate employers from the employee’s perspective, the quality of life in a workplace has become nearly as important to the success of a business as the balance sheet. Companies who have their HR under control are like magnets for talent, becoming stronger as their reputations increasingly draw the best people. Those who allow toxicity to infect their talent pool repel the best people and are often left with only those employees who have few or no choices.

Our team will work with you to build a system, based on the particulars of your business, to evaluate and improve a range of workplace qualities that are known to significantly impact employee satisfaction.

In one recent study, Millennials rank people and culture fit above all else in deciding on a place to work, with career and work/life balance even above compensation.  What that means is that the experiences of employees and customers are now equally important.

As a professional services firm that specializes in human resources, we’ve experienced the full range of issues that can arise in a workplace and we’ve developed strategies and practices to ease tensions, reduce company exposure and help organizations to move forward.

It’s essential for your company to be known as an employer of choice — a place where the top performers want to work. To make that happen, successful firms must cultivate an organized and well-managed workplace, one in which individuals are empowered to succeed and thrive.

ConnectedHR is your trusted partner to make that happen.

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