Building Company Culture

ConnectedHR provides innovative professional HR Services to shape an internal culture that embraces change and regards it as an opportunity for personal growth and reward.

Every policy, statement or official material that your employees receive is an opportunity to optimize the culture of your workplace. 

This is much more important than many employers realize, as both performance and behavior are reflections of the leadership of a given company.

With exploding social media chatter and job sites that rate employers from the employee’s perspective, the quality of life in a workplace has become nearly as important to the success of a business as the balance sheet.

Companies who have their HR under control are like magnets for talent, becoming stronger as their reputations increasingly draw the best people. Those who allow toxicity to infect their talent pool repel the best people and are often left with only those employees who have few or no choices.

Implementing Great Company Culture

ConnectedHR has found that companies that engage with their employees actively see fewer issues that could result in serious action. This means sharing your vision, enforcing policies consistently and a host of other seemingly small details that make a big difference.

Let your employees guide your company culture. Our HR consultants are ready to listen to your employees and help your leadership by creating a winning company culture.

Our employee engagement services include:

  • Job Satisfaction Assessments
  • Internal Process Reviews
  • Culture Analyses
  • Planning of Employee Events and Activities

Building a healthy culture in your workplace is a great way to solve problems before they happen.

Build Your Company On Your Core Values

Every good company has a set of values that they share with their employees. While these values may come through a mission statement, cause statement or value proposition, it’s important to start with the basics…a set of defined core values.

Every good business is built on reputable business practices. It’s important to build your team on a set of core values that you want your business to resonate within the community. These core values should represent your brand and your company and help build your reputation in the marketplace. Build a brand that people identify with and agree with.

You build this trust and reputation by identifying your core values and teaching your employees to practice those values at work every day. Your employees become a team and make the right choices representing your company when they have guidance from your defined core values.

Download our Core Value Infographic today to start building your company’s core values. Or contact us to learn more. 


Core Values

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