To have or not to have?…..that is the question! The annual company holiday party is what we are referring to, of course. Whether your office is huge or small, that decision is up to the president of the company. Included in this article are a few reminders in the form of a memo that can easily be adjusted to fit the specific needs of your company. If you choose the party route, we have also included a downloadable snazzy waiver form so you are extra protected in case something unfortunate happens.

Let’s play Devil’s Advocate, shall we?

Why to NOT have a Company holiday party

Because it is the busiest time of year for EVERYONE, regardless of what you celebrate, and all your employees really want is some paid time-off! Seriously, I don’t mean to be a Scrooge, but it’s the truth. If employees wanted to get together around the holidays, they would do so, with or without your scheduled company party. Cheryl would call Todd, Karen, Linda, and Marcy to all meet at the local establishment for apps and drinks if they really wanted to.

Why TO have a Company holiday party

Because it’s the holidays and celebrating is fun! Listen, not everyone in the office may get along and some people will really be dreading said party. Well……they don’t have to attend! That’s the best thing about these types of parties — they are voluntary! If you feel like throwing a company holiday party for your employees to kick up their heels with the gals and guys in accounting and marketing, I say you do so! Just be careful while doing it.

When to Send out Company Party Info

Generally, send it out as early as possible, so that everyone can plan their life around it. As a rule of thumb, plan on adding to weeks prior to that timeline since it’s the holidays. Don’t be a last-minute party planner when it comes to such a busy time of year. It’s annoying.

Follow the memo below as a guideline when sending out info to your employees prior to the company party. Don’t forget to attach our waiver form, also!


To: All Employees 

From: [President] 

Date: [Date] 

RE: Company Event Reminders & Waiver Form 

As you know, our annual holiday party is just around the corner! I know all of you understand what is expected in terms of conduct at our company event, but it’s important that we provide some reminders to everyone. It is also important to remember that we have new employees who may have not attended a company event before.  

The first reminder is that we want everyone to be safe, healthy, and have a great time. Adherence to these tips will help ensure everyone will have fun while being safe.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

1) Alcohol – While we want everyone to enjoy themselves, please remember over-indulging may lead to a not-so-good outcome. If you are planning to drive, please limit your alcohol consumption or make plans with a designated driver. Alcoholic beverages will cease being served one hour before the planned closure of the party; non-alcoholic beverages will continue to be available. Employees or their family members who are not of legal age should not request them, nor will they be permitted to consume alcohol. We will have professional bartenders. Employees are not permitted to serve alcohol. 

2) Apparel – No one is expected to wear formal attire but please remember to dress appropriately as there will be co-workers, vendors, customers and perhaps even their families at the event. Fun, festive holiday party attire is acceptable but again good judgment is appreciated. 

3) Comportment – Remember that company policy still apply while at the event and we greatly appreciate your adherence to our company values and standards of conduct. 

4) Post Party – Eat, drink, and be merry, but be careful how you leave. You should arrange in advance of the company function for your post-party plans. The company has also made arrangements with a taxi firm/uber service to be available to transport employees who do not have a designated ride to get home safely. 

5) Smoking – Smoking is not permitted on the party site. However, we do have designated smoking areas for smokers outside the building. 

6) Activities/Games – Activities and games may be planned to contribute to an enjoyable time and fun team-building. Any activities or games that the Company hosts at the event are not mandatory and any employee who chooses to participate is doing so voluntarily.   

7) Waiver – A Waiver & Release Form is attached and we ask that all employees planning to attend the event to sign it and return it to management prior to or at the event.  Again, while we all want to have a good time, we need to ensure the safety of our employees and the protection of our company. 


Let’s all do our part (and our best) to ensure a highly successful and enjoyable event! If your company needs any assistance adding holiday pay or company party policies into your employee handbook, please comment in the section below.

Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.