Legal Compliance and Liability


When it comes to compliance, you want to know you’re doing everything precisely right from a legal perspective and that you’re wholly up-to-date as laws and requirements change. ConnectedHR can shoulder all those concerns with its simple, cost-effective “HR-in-a-Box” approach.

Protect Your Business From Legal Action

Business owners turn to HR firms when they want to protect their company and their employees. When an incident occurs, it’s important for the policy to be legally compliant.

Meeting ever-changing federal mandates and state regulations can entail significant and sometimes unforeseeable costs for a company. Mistakes made by inexperienced staff can mean mounds of additional paperwork and hefty fines or legal judgments down the road. Using a professional HR firm, you know that both your workplace and employees will be protected.

Our HR experts offer a suite of legal compliance services:

  • Review of Federal Employment Laws
  • Review State Employment Laws
  • Oversee Proper Hiring Procedures
  • Ensure Company Policies and Practices are Compliant
  • Create Internal Compliant Forms
  • Conduct HR Compliance Audits

Anti-Discrimination Resources for Your Business

Discrimination in the workplace happens when an employer makes a decision based on criteria they either shouldn’t have or shouldn’t have considered when making that decision. With our HR Consultants as your partner, you can avoid discrimination issues and handle any complaints the right way.

By outsourcing your HR department to ConnectedHR, you can remain calm, confident and focused on doing what you do well. That’s just good business.


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