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ConnectedHR provides Human Resources to businesses that want to have the support and experience of teams at much larger companies. It’s our responsibility to keep up on both cultural and legislative developments that will affect our clients.

Today I sit down with Kim Marlette to talk about what drives her every day to help Cleveland businesses with their HR needs.

Who Is Kim Marlette?

Kim is a family-oriented HR professional who has been with ConnectedHR for 3 years and started in recruitment. She is a social butterfly who loves the process of interviewing and hiring and has an intense passion for human resources. Kim loves working at ConnectedHR because she has lots of flexibility in her work schedule. This allows her to spend more time with her two daughters. It also allows her to grow her skill set and get away from regular everyday administrative tasks, by working with a wide variety of clients and different environments, making her see the bigger picture and be more strategic. Kim currently supports the HR initiatives of 5 companies.

What has surprised you most about working with Cleveland businesses?

I am born and raised in Cleveland, OH and love the vibrancy this city has. Working for 5 different small businesses each week has opened my eyes to the drive and dedication throughout these organizations and it is inspiring.

What do you wish other people knew about their HR department?

I wish people would view HR as a resource to help sustain their business and ensure compliance from a legal standpoint. HR is not meant to be a “spy” or have a negative connotation. We are there to support the business and help it run smoothly and efficiently.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I went to school to be an event planner and ended up in HR which is now my passion! I can throw a great work potluck if I do say so myself! Also, many people do not know I have two tattoos….and looking to get more!

What do you do when you aren’t working?

When I am not working, I am enjoying my family! That’s what I love about ConnectedHR. I can work on a flexible schedule and take care of my girls.

What would you say are some of your strongest beliefs about how HR supports a business?

 HR is the heartbeat of keeping your company alive. When your biggest assets (employees!) are happy, the business runs so much smoother and all around improves the quality of the work environment.

As a consultant, what sort of HR trends do you see?

Recruitment has become a challenge in all organizations. I see a new approach to this happening more towards marketing and selling the company vs. the job.

What do you find most challenging about the HR field?

There is never the same situation. Every day is a new challenge and I like the complexity of that. I’m never bored, that’s for sure!

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