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ConnectedENTERPRISE can help your organization with various types of coaching.  Providing coaching opportunities can be a tremendous benefit for your employees and an effective retention strategy as well.

Performance Coaching 

All too often, larger companies struggle with addressing moderately underperforming employees. Typically, the go-to tool is a Performance Improvement Plan, but little more is done to address the root of the underwhelming performance. The ConnectedENTERPRISE team can help you to get the best from these employees. An employee in this situation generally needs skill practice or development as well as a person to be accountable and assist in the development of these skills.  These employees are often high performers or previous high performers in certain aspects of their position, impacted by shifting organizational needs. Our Performance Coaching provides a customizable approach to best address the employee’s and organization’s unique needs in a cost-effective manner. Our team will create specific interventions and a performance feedback mechanism for the employee and organization’s leadership to address the problem situation.

Leadership Coaching

Transitions in leadership can be tenuous. Focused support through leadership coaching can help new leaders or newly promoted employees to achieve top performance. In a market where hiring talent is increasingly difficult, thoughtful leadership onboarding can make all the difference in retention. Unlike conventional executive coaching, leadership coaching can also integrate the leader’s unique perspective with the organization’s expectations. Weaving organizational strategy into your management structure can help to propel your company to next-level growth.

On-Demand/Situational Coaching

For an organization that has a large group of managers still learning their way, our on-demand and situational coaching enables the organization to provide a timely resource to work through situations with inexperienced managers or to navigate sticky situations.

HR Mentorship

As businesses grow, the skill set of their human resources staff needs to expand as well. The ConnectedENTERPRISE team can serve as a mentor to your existing HR staff. Your staff will benefit from the expertise of seasoned HR professionals and learn to handle new responsibilities born out of rapid business growth.

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