HR Foundation

ConnectedENTERPRISE can work with your leadership team to enhance your foundational human resources functions. Whether implementing for the first time or enhancing your current processes, ConnectedENTERPRISE consultants have the experience to help you improve the employee experience and provide good HR practices and compliance.

Retention Management

In today’s competitive labor market, employee retention is paramount. Let us help you identify and develop retention plans for high-performing employees, high-potential employees, and employees in mission-critical positions. Good retention planning also includes succession and cross-training plans, so you are covered in the event of unexpected departures.

 HR Compliance

HR Compliance is essential for any size company, and it goes hand in hand with Employee Relations. Ensuring your employees understand expectations and applicable regulations is essential. The ConnectedENTERPRISE team can help you to promote this understanding through handbook/policy creation and can provide counsel on compensation, training and development, record keeping, talent and acquisition, and more.

Compensation Management

Compensation involves so much more than paychecks. We can advise on all facets of compensation, including setting salary ranges for recruiting purposes, internal and external benchmarking for new roles and/or organizational design, employee relations issues, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) reviews, payroll reporting, and more.

Benefit Design

To properly design a benefits plan, one must consider strategic factors such as whether or not to self-fund, how to identify appropriate programs/offerings, how to interpret market reviews, and requirements for open enrollment delivery and 401(k) initiation, among other things. Our team is well-versed in these considerations and can collaborate with brokers on your behalf to design the optimal benefits plan for your organization.

HR Foundation

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