Organizational Change & Development

Often, changes are outside of our control. Mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, reorganizations, and remote/hybrid work all have an impact. Our consultants have decades of experience helping clients and their employees navigate ways to improve how to work together, even amid change. The goal is to work together more effectively, be inclusive, and capitalize on all each individual has to offer.

Organizational Structure and Design

Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed to be both objective and innovative when it comes to your organizational structure. Our consultants excel at organizational design with a specific emphasis on job description review, creation, and delivery.

Large Scale Employee Changes (Mergers, Acquisitions, Outsourcing, other types of Reorganizations)

Reorganizations and large-scale employee changes require human resources to take charge and ensure those transitions run smoothly. The ConnectedENTERPRISE team can lead this charge or provide additional support to your internal team —from due diligence, communications, disposition management, and compliance, to compensation benchmarking, outplacement role transition, employee retention, culture changes, organization, and leader development for newly formed executive management. We can create and execute a comprehensive plan to facilitate a respectful and well-managed transition.

Inclusion and Organizational Change (Formerly Known as DE&I)

Many organizations have programs to hire and promote the right number of employees to report desired diversity and equity numbers. While this would seem to be a focus on inclusion, how many truly celebrate the critical impact of a diverse-thinking workforce, know how to effectively work together as a diverse team, and capitalize on all that it provides? This can be a marketplace game changer. Our team can help you to make this transformation by facilitating culture enhancement, training, and coaching for the entire organization so each employee understands the part they play in promoting inclusion, being heard, and ensuring others are heard and participating to their full potential.

Remote Work Enhancement Opportunities

The shift to remote work is here to stay. How can your company capitalize on this change to improve the employee experience and retention, ensure a continued strong company culture, and expand avenues to reach new employees – all in concert to positively impact the company’s bottom line? Connecting with employees now that they are working from home is different than in the past. It can be difficult to keep employees engaged and connected and to effectively safeguard productivity. Our team can share remote work best practices related to setting expectations and boundaries and clearly define what “flexibility” means within your workplace to optimize productivity.


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