Strategy and Innovation 

So often, day-to-day activities get in the way of forward-thinking. ConnectedENTERPRISE can help your organization implement its strategy and apply innovative HR practices. Let our consultants help you embrace innovation and effectively communicate your strategy throughout your organization.

HR Innovation

Many embedded HR teams are so busy with day-to-day operations, they can’t keep up with what’s trending in the field and innovate. We can identify where your human resources can benefit from a new approach. From a cost-benefit audit of the HR services to recommendations on how to make everyday processes more efficient – for example, going paperless, considering a new HR Information System, or embracing a new approach to recruiting—we can identify areas for innovation that will provide immediate benefits.

Communicating the Strategy

How well does your leadership document and communicate strategy and cascade it through the organization? We can help you to implement simple yet effective approaches and methods to ensure each employee:

        • Understands their impact on the organization
        • Has the tools, training, and support to be successful
        • Receives consistent and regular feedback
        • Is held accountable to deliver
        • Is rewarded based on their results

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