Corporate College Smart 50 Awards 

Smart 50 Awards
Smart Business Magazine in conjunction with Corporate College and Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®), celebrates Northeast Ohio’s top executives, in recognition of their talent to effectively build and lead innovative and “smart” organizations. All of this year’s honorees have made a difference in their organizations and the region. Their positive impact on employment has reinvented Northeast Ohio as one of the up-and-coming business regions in the country. These large, mid-sized, and emerging companies’ leaders motivate and inspire people. They are passionate and focused. The executives we are celebrating today tackle unique business challenges and continue to lead their organizations toward success. Corporate College is honored to acknowledge this year’s nominees. Here is the highlight featuring Mark D’Agostino
  Mark D'Agostino Mark D’Agostino, president and founder of ConnectedHR, is an entrepreneur and human resource executive passionate about helping growing companies build organizational alignment through human resources. D’Agostino has been described as the “entrepreneur’s entrepreneur,” with the ability to see and solve problems creatively and tenaciously. As owner of a flourishing business products distribution company, he opted to handle people issues on his own. HR struggles impeded growth and he realized there was a huge gap in the marketplace when it came to the professional human resources a small or mid-sized company needs to grow. He created a new business model by founding ConnectedHR, delivering high-caliber, right-sized human resources support and strategy. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing human resources consulting companies in Northeast Ohio.

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