Every good company has a set of values that they share with their employees, while these values may come through a mission statement, cause statement or value proposition, it’s important to start with the basics…a set of defined core values.

Our ConnectedHR team of experts works with businesses across Ohio to help them develop their core values, missions, and vision statement because we believe that these are the building blocks to great company culture and employee retention. 

Why Core Values are Important for Your Business

Every good business is built on reputable business practices. It’s important to build your team on a set of core values that you want your business to resonate with the community. These core values should represent your brand and your company and help build your reputation in the marketplace. Build a brand that people identify with and agree with.

You build this trust and reputation by identifying your core values and teaching your employees to practice those values at work every day. Your employees become a team and make the right choices representing your company when they have guidance from your defined core values.

Your Business Blueprint

Use the infographic below to help build your core values. Click here to download your copy!


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