Our goal of helping companies with compliance and regulations relating to their operations is of utmost importance. We invite you to click or tap on any of the items below to download these documents and use them in the course of your business.

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Event Waiver

Protect Yourself, your employees and
your company with an Employee Waiver
and Release Agreement.

Core Values Blueprint

Develop and implement your company’s
core values to your leadership,
employees, and customers.

Candidate Reference Checklist

This checklist will walk you through your
reference interview when you call on behalf
of your candidate.

Building Your Company Handbook

Start on the right foot by building a proper
company handbook for your employees.

Dealing with Difficult Employees

Our top 9 ways that managers can
deal with difficult employee situations
for the best outcome.

Candidate Evaluation Form

Our form will help you ask the right questions
and easily evaluate your candidates
to choose the right match.

Alcohol at Company Events

Download our infographic to learn the best
practices for when you have alcohol at a
company event.

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