FractionalHR ™ – An Innovative, Cost-Effective Service. 




FractionalHR™ means you can engage an experienced, world-class HR Professional on a part-time basis for as many days-a-week as necessary for your current needs.

FractionalHR™ is an innovative, cost-effective option that replaces the need of hiring a costly full-time HR employee. FractionalHR™ can also add support and current HR expertise to the larger companies that have an established HR staff instead of having to go out and hire more HR employees.

As your business grows you will have the flexibility to adjust your HR program as needed to handle changes in the size or structure of your business.

By choosing FractionalHR™, you gain a complete package of support, expertise and resources that hiring a single employee can never provide. Through the unique leveraging of FractionalHR™, your company can enjoy full service HR without its burdensome administrative costs and complexities.

Our HR Professionals come to your business for as many days a week as needed, to design and execute your HR strategy. On the days that we are not on-site, our HR pros continue to monitor and guide your program to ensure a smooth flow of work. And of course they are always available for time sensitive issues and emergencies.


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