Get Help Answering the Tough Questions Created by COVID-19

Spring is typically a joyful time in Cleveland. But this spring is anything but joyful as we adjust to this pandemic reality. To some degree, every business owner is being forced to make decisions that will have a lasting impact on their company, employees, and community.

You’re being counted on now more than ever.  How do you know you’re making the right choices?

Jonas Salk, who developed one of the first polio vaccines, famously said, “Nothing happens quite by chance. It’s a question of accretion of information and experience.”

Don’t leave the future of your business to chance. Leverage the information and experience ConnectedHR uniquely offers. We have the singular vantage point of working with a multitude of companies throughout Northeast Ohio. Our team has always actively shared resources and best practices, building a knowledge base like none other. As we respond to this crisis together, our information sharing has moved to warp speed. On any given day, you may find our consultants adding to that knowledge base by:

  • Sharing best practices from across our client base via a weekly video meeting
  • Attending training by employment attorneys to keep up to date on changing laws
  • Interacting with financial professionals to better understand the financial implications of laws affecting employers/employees
  • Accumulating educational resources to share with the entire team and our clients
  • Participating in industry educational webinars
  • Pushing out pulse surveys to colleagues to gauge how clients are handling specific issues

Here’s a great example. At 10 am one of our consultants sent out a quick pulse survey to the team asking whose clients are continuing health benefits through April and how they were handling it. Within an hour she had statistics, intel, and advice on 40 different scenarios. That’s powerful.

It seems like every day there’s a new challenge, which can easily overwhelm existing in-house HR structures. Now is the time to put HR policies in place to help you through this crisis – and to manage through if it comes around again. With our high-level knowledge base, we’re not just HR practitioners. We are leaders who can guide you through tough decision-making processes.

When you’re contemplating layoffs or other high-stakes decisions, imagine being able to base your decisions on years of HR experience, supported by best practices shaped by the latest in employment law data. That’s what we’re here to do for you.

What’s the business environment going to look like come summer? No one knows for sure. But we can help you leverage the knowledge and information you need to make the most prudent HR decisions now.

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