HR Consulting Partners for Your Business


Start and HR Audit with ConnectedHRAs a company grows, so does its HR needs. Our HR consultants work with businesses that are looking to professionally develop the policies and culture of their company. We have a suite of options for businesses of all sizes but specialize in tailoring HR services for small to midsize companies.

A consulting partnership can be an ideal solution when:

  • Guidance on a particular issue is needed, particularly when it has been an issue in the past and was not initially correctly addressed.
  • A specific HR project is needed but there is no one in-house available or qualified to be at the helm.
  • A growing company needs a human resources solution, but management has no idea where to start.

Whether on a project-by-project or ongoing basis, we can help you create and drive the HR initiatives and processes your business must have in order to grow.


Our in-person, boutique HR seminars are recommended for any workplace looking to change, grow, and improve.