Job Ads: Where Should You List Your Openings?

It’s easy to get applicants, but it’s hard to get employees. The hiring process is complicated and can become expensive, especially when vital rolls aren’t getting filled. Job Openings

Before you hire a headhunter, consider why you might need one. Chances are you’re getting unqualified applicants or even no response at all. Your role may be ill-defined, though you know you need something. You may be asking for too much or offering too little. These are all things that a hiring firm or headhunter will correct.

As you develop your hiring process, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are we able to recognize the right candidate and can they recognize us as an employer of choice?
  • How many serious applicants does it take to make a hire and how quickly do we move them from one stage to the other?
  • How much do we spend per hire?
  • How should our spending change when we hire for different roles?
  • Is our process efficient- are there steps we can remove?

Recruiting in 2019: Go Digital

There are so many websites to choose from- understanding the strengths of each is difficult. This isn’t so much about casting a wide net, as it is about catching the right fish. Determine which tool works best for your company.

Top Places to List Your Job Openings

  1. LinkedIn -LinkedIn is a powerhouse professional social network. It very much defined the term. Last reports put its’ userbase around 300m members, many of whom are younger, giving LinkedIn the largest potential candidate pool. On LinkedIn, you can search for profiles, post jobs, and message candidates directly. You can search for people by their association with others in their field and quickly find in-depth resumes.
  2. Glassdoor -Glassdoor job postings should be geared towards small to mid-size businesses with modest hiring needs like single position hiring. Glassdoor will walk you through the interview and evaluation process and is pay-as-you-go. It’s ideal for first time hiring. On the job hunting side, it teaches users how to prepare for the interview, how long the process takes in real life, what types of questions will be asked and so on. That type of detail is best used with small scale hiring.

  3. Indeed – 3 million companies post positions on Indeed and 200 million applicants use it to job hunt. Indeed allows you to post unlimited offerings. This makes it more appealing than LinkedIn for companies to focus on hiring, while LinkedIn is easier for the applicants themselves to use. With Indeed, you advertise positions by setting a budget and being sorted by that. Employers can view applicant resumes, create a company profile, and specify what salary range they’re offering. Indeed is great for actively seeking candidates.
  4. ZipRecruiter -ZipRecruiter is an online job board aggregate. That is, it’s a job board of other job boards. Initially, ZipRecruiter was an applicant tracking system (ATS) but became a job board as more and more features were implemented by a team hoping to attract the college graduate crowd, which they do.
    ZipRecruiter has multiple pricing tiers with each tier granting access to these additional features like the ability to have multiple admin users posting jobs and reviewing resumes, or the ability to contact more candidates. The tier system gives you control over how much you spend, as well as how wide your net is cast.

  5. Monster – Monster has always been platform centered on helping people find jobs, and some people have been using it for decades. Monster helps candidates improve their resumes, track progress, and sends out job search advice.
    They may very well have the largest footprint of any job hunting site; Monster covers 50 countries around the world, making international hiring easier. Monster has had a strong brand for a long time, and it’s demographic tends to be slightly older.

ConnectedHR wants to find what works for each company that comes to us because it’s always different. Depending on your needs, the size of your company, and your industry, one site may be better than the rest.

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