Optimizing Your Employee Handbook

As a directory of company policy, and as the introduction to your company, the Employee Handbook is one of the most important materials you give to new hires.

We will work with you to update your existing handbook. Maintaining these materials by keeping them up to date and current is just as important as building them in the first place.

How We Build Your Company Handbook

Creating an Employee Handbook

By considering current and upcoming legislation, both state and federal, we keep your handbook legally compliant. Looking at the specifics of your industry, as well your own expectations for the culture of your workplace, will inform us as to what areas to focus upon.

By evaluating the current and future needs of your staff, your handbook will become a resource to address and avoid any potential workplace issues.  Many of our clients come to us after an issue has occurred, or even when one is still ongoing. Along with the other services we provide, we can identify the parts of your company policy that must be tailored to your company.

Employee Handbook Benefits:

  • Promote positive employee relations
  • Policy creation and implementation
  • Reader-friendly, organized and concise
  • Remove antiquated policies and ensure legally up-to-date
  • Maintain managerial discretion while being sufficiently detailed
  • At-will disclaimers and other legally required/recommended provisions

The Employee Handbook is a great first step many clients take with us. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can begin to improve your handbook, contact us today!

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