Focusing on weak performers is a waste of time. Focus on your top ones.

At times we can be optimistic about our hires. Sometimes we hire on potential and feel this new employee will have what it takes to be a valuable part of the team and a strong performer. Since we hired this person, if they underperform, we feel like we need to put more time and energy into helping them succeed.

Sometimes, allocating that extra time and energy can have a negative impact on other employees. Instead of focusing on the under-performers, the focus should be on the people who have helped the organization grow and flourish. Weak performers are a drain on your time, can negatively affect your culture, and upset your top team players.

New hires always should be brought into an organization with a thorough and professional on-boarding process. But once they are integrated into the organization and are within your performance management process, your time with them should be balanced with other employees.

Top performers deserve time, attention and encouragement. It’s a smart allocation of your time and your energy.