What is Talent Optimization?


Talent Optimization is a relatively new discipline that takes a common-sense approach to align the talents of your people to your business goals to achieve optimal results. It bridges the gap that often lies between strategy and results.

The 2020 Report on the State of Talent Optimization by the Predictive Index revealed that talent optimized companies have 34% higher employee performance and retain 30% more top-performers.

Talent optimization is a data-driven and objective methodology designed to enhance:
• Employee recruitment
• Employee retention
• Team morale
• Collective team proficiency and performance

“People” data can include measures of job performance, behavioral profiles, employee engagement, etc. By measuring and analyzing data, determinations can be made as to what is actionable in support of strategic goals.

Many businesses miss the mark if they are not taking a strategic and consistent approach to designing high-performing teams. This can also impact company culture.

Don’t create your business strategy without considering a talent optimization component. Talent Optimization can help you to:
• Build high-performing teams
• Elevate productivity and proficiency
• Hire top talent
• Nurture and develop talent to maximize ROI
• Empower your employees

The work your “talent” does is what drives your business to succeed. 


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