Professional HR

Right People At The Right Time: Professional HR helping with personnel decisions.

Your company will never be known as an employer of choice if you’ve got the wrong people in the building.

One or two negative personalities or ineffective workers can drag down an entire operation and send your top people fleeing for the exits. But many managers keep problem employees on the payroll for years, often because they simply do not like to fire people or they don’t want to put a person out of work. That’s human nature. But, putting off painful decisions and conversations tends to make matters worse.

Our Professional HR team can help you tackle critical hiring and firing issues quickly and decisively. We know the most effective ways to approach employee terminations and outplacement, so that former employees can transition to new opportunities and your business can continue on smoothly. We can help with the language and the timing of terminations so such difficult moments are executed the right way, minimizing the likelihood of costly lawsuits and infectious social media chatter.

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